Hier is de wapen mutator 'Strangelove' te vinden. Deze veranderd de Redeemer zo, dat je op de raket kan meeliften! Dit kan vooral handig zijn om grote afstanden af te leggen in grote maps, of om vlaggen snel terug te brengen met CTF!The 0FUS mods page has the release of version 1.00 of the Strangelove weapon mutator for Unreal Tournament. The Strangelove is a modified version of the redeemer that when operated using the alt-fire puts you on the back of the rocket for a ride, like Slim Pickins' character in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, hence the name (though it's named for the wrong character... I guess "Major T. J. 'King' Kong for UT" doesn't have the proper ring). You can guide Strangelove, just like the normal alt-fire redeemer, the difference being that you can eject at any point, possibly benefiting from the free ride (in CTF, for instance, you carry the flag on it). Also included is a second mutator called Strangelove Arena, which replaces all the weapons in the game with the Strangelove. The following warning has been added to the page following the original release: "Note: In case anyone downloaded the UMOD version before 11:35 PM (EST) 5/8/2000, there was a problem with the requirements which prevented it from working. It's been fixed. Apologies."