Gamespy heeft Unreal Tournament uitgeroepen tot spel van het jaar! Officieel de 'The GameSpy 1999 Game of the Year'.

Gamespy heeft dit jaar voor het eerst een game of the year uitgeroepen, maar wil dat jaarlijks (duh ) gaan doen. Hieronder een stukkie:In just about every category, Unreal Tournament was superb. The single player was refreshingly unique -- tons of team games and deathmatch variants that you could play and enjoy without a net connection. With many other computer games we're always left saying, "It would've been fun if the AI was a little better..." but with Unreal Tournament the situation was quite the opposite: this game is fun because the AI is so impressive. Hop online or on a LAN and you're in for a treat with multiplayer as well, with an easy game setup, plenty of game options, and some of the most unique deathmatch or teamplay maps out there.

It was a tough decision to make. After all, Homeworld was probably a more innovative game overall, and Quake 3 certainly has the better graphics and an equally active online community. Nocturne did fresh new things with graphics that blew us away. But dollar for dollar, what you get out of the box when you grab a copy of UT is pretty astounding. A slick, polished game with easily hundreds of hours of gameplay awaits.