De Rocket Arena is van het net gehaald. De maker vond de Mod te buggy en gaat nu verder werken. Ook zijn ze op zoek naar servers voor de Mod.After some thought, I'm suspending Rocket Arena until we have a proper version to release. My intentions were to release the mod because I was running out of time to work on it. I, unwisely, thought that I had a good idea of what problems existed. Clearly, I was wrong. To make matters worse, fixes for some bugs in 1.0 and 1.1 caused more severe problems in 1.2. This is a very frustrating situation. So, I'm going to stop everything until we have a proper release. I can look on the positive side. We have found bugs that we would not have found otherwise. I need people who would be willing to run test servers and people who would be willing to play on them. I will add these people to the RAUT discussion list. I apologize for this. I am going to pull the mod for the time being. We are going to redesign the interface and get the mods internal structure working properly. If you would like to be on the beta team, email me. I'll accept people up unto a certain limit. Again, I apologize.