Dat Rocket Arena niet alleen enorm populair is voor Quake is wel te merken aan de ophef rond de nieuwste release van voor Unreal Tournament. Daar zijn ze ondertussen bij versie 1.60 aangekomen met de volgende features:With this version, I'm hoping to avoid the need for a non-umod version. If you have trouble installing the umod version, please post a message on the RA:UT Suggestions messageboard and I'll create one for you guys. It just seemed that very few people ever seem to download these versions, and every platform of UT (PC, Mac, Linux) all have the capability for installing umods anyway.

If you encounter any bugs, please post them to the RA:UT Bug Reporting Forum to help me keep track of them, and to help avoid duplicate bug reports. I'm hoping to see no activity at all on that forum, but I have a feeling that can never be the case. :)

When looking for servers online, the RocketArena: UT tab has no method with which to eliminate older versions of RA:UT. However, when you click on a server, a list of "rules" is shown to you in the lower right of the server browser window. Check this list for servers where the "ra_version" rule is set to "1.60". UT RocketArena is op FilePlanet te downloaden. Meer mirrors zijn op de officiele site te vinden.