Gamespy heeft een review van Unreal Tournament op het lijntje geknald... Hieronder wat stukkie copy/paste Unreal Tournament takes the best elements of first-person competitive games and creates a new high-water mark for action gamers everywhere. It's the next logical leap for the genre. It streamlines the user interface, integrates multiple game modes, and achieves what has been, until this holiday season, the holy grail of first person games: a single-player game that feels like an online game with human opponents.

The maps for Unreal tournament are among the most varied for any first-person shooter out there. In a heartbeat you'll move from deathmatching on castles and pirate ships to fighting it out on moving trains or on the surface of orbiting space platforms. Most of the maps have a short backstory about what the location originally was before the scouts who run the tournament turned it into an arena.

Unreal Tournament raises the bar for first person teamplay games. The mutators, bots, teams, and sheer number of maps give the game an awesome depth and replayability. This game is stuffed with content and polished until it gleams. It's hard to find fault with the game -- some of the levels aren't quite up to the highest standard, and maybe new users might be overwhelmed by the depth of gameplay options, but overall this is a very solid product.

Whereas the original Unreal was all looks, Unreal Tournament backs up those looks with substance.

Must have.. .