Now hear this, now hear this :GameSpy, PlanetUnreal and 3DActionPlanet are very proud to announce that we're teaming up with Epic Games to bring you exclusive live coverage of the official Unreal Tournament Release Party this Friday, November 19th from 6-10 PM EST! Dave 'Yellow5' Lepore and I will be hosting the event from Epic Games in Cary, North Carolina using our l33t new RadioSpy and SHOUTcast technology. Here's some of what you can expect this Friday night: Live interviews on SHOUTcast with the Epic team Live video shots of the festivities, updated every minute or two Live moderated chat sessions with the people behind Unreal Tournament Live UT game servers, giving you all the chance to frag the Epic team and some of your favorite GSI employees (Fargo sez yer all meat) Live Unreal Tournament music channel on RadioSpy, featuring all the UT music streamed from a meaty GSI SHOUTcast server Tons of digital pics, which will be updated throughout the evening Special giveaways, including signed copies of Unreal Tournament, official Unreal Tournament Strategy Guides, UT and GameSpy t-shirts, GameSpy mugs, registrations for GameSpy and RadioSpy An exclusive PlanetUnreal skin download for WinAmp Poeh poeh