Nog even en dan mogen ook de PS2 bezitters van UT genieten. UT op de PS2...hoe en of dat gaat werken bekeek IGN. Ze waren er tevreden over, dus wie weet...While the graphics and game modes are drawn from the PC, the interface has been substantially changed to suit a console audience. The numerical readouts for health and armor are now easier-to-read bar graphs, and the displays for things like weapons, ammo, and frag count are bigger and clearer. The menus for character and stage selection are set up just like a console fighting game – instead of clicking through something like the PC

version's preferences windows, you just pick a skin or a map off of a big menu grid. You can't quite customize your player skin to the degree that you can in the PC version, but there's still a couple of dozen different

models to choose from, including extra models like the Skaarj Hybrid from the UT Bonus Pack on the PC (although I didn't check to see if you can play as the Nali WarCow).

The multiplayer game will support up to four players, via both split-screen and link-up gameplay. The latter will connect up to four consoles via the PS2's FireWire ports, creating a sort of miniature console LAN party. It will require a television to go along with each console, and you naturally have to supply your own cables, making link play an option for serious

gamers only, but the potential is there for those who want to make use of it. The big multiplayer "if", naturally, is online gameplay, and that will have

to wait until Sony makes a decision concerning what they want to do in that area. Epic tells us that an online-capable version of PS2 UT might make its way onto the market, if Sony solidifies its online plans soon

enough. However, they may also simply wait to release a later first-person shooter with online capabilities on PS2, if UT isn't fresh enough by the time online gaming becomes feasible with PS2. UT op de PS2, geef mij maar een muis en een PC