Leek UT als een game zonder bugs "out of the box" te komen, de werkelijkheid is anders. We zijn onderhand bij patch 4.30 aangekomen.

Weer een lijst met fixes e.d. Als het de game maar ten goede komt moet je maar denken....toch - Faster server browser initial pinging of servers. Added a new default property to [UBrowserServerPing], MaxSimBroadbandPing, which defines the max number of servers to simultaneously ping if your netspeed > 6000.

- Team scoreboard holds more players (no more names dropping off the bottom for 32 player games).

- Faster server ping response for servers with mutators.

- Admins lose cheats and die when they log out as admins.

- Fixed bug causing player team choice to be overriden (also cause maxteamsize not to work when 2).

- Fixed thrown weapons sinking into ground in net play

- fixed listen server crashing with too many serverpackages.

- Fixed server still sending data on disconnect.

- Fixed server not allowing custom skins because of skin cheat fix.

- Servers are now prioritized by version on the master server.

- Improved map decompression time.

- Slight improvement to server CPU utilization.

- Prevent message spamming in net play.

- Centered admin messages - if logged in as an admin, start your message with a # to have it centered.

- Voice autotaunts not printed in net games.

- Faster menu loading with mods.

The new mod loading trick and editor enhancements (see the Unreal Technology site) are also in there. so there you have it!Here we go again