Alchemyzone heeft info over de binnenkort uitkomende patch voor UT (404):New features: - much louder warhead explosion - don't allow Turbo mode with assault - bigger blood cloud when gibbed - Menu and text formatting changes to support Japanese text - Added "AddIni" command for umods to add lines to ini files - Changed occurances of class'DeathMatchMessage' to DMMessageClass. Allows mod authors to use their own DMMessageClass in all situations. - Made ngWorldSecret a private variable. So you can't read it from GetPropertyText anymore. - Added CRT's query packet send improvements. Should improve grabbing server lists from master server. - Added ProcessKeyEvent to HUD. Allows mod authors to work with key input directly. - Moved hardcoded SPRITE_PROJECTION_FORWARD from UnSprite.cpp to Actor property SpriteProjForward. - Set Actor's default SpriteProjForward to 32.0 - Checked in RegisterHUDMutator functions in Mutator. Allows mod authors to make mutators that self register as HUD mutators. - Integrated Enhanced Actor Rendering Interface. Allows programmers to render actors in just about any way they can think of. - Enabled RCI. (Except ClearScreen and RecomputeLighting) Allows programmers more control over what's rendered from a player's point of view. Search for Render Control Interface in headers for information.De hele lijst vind je hier