Er is een patch voor UT verschenen die het een en ander aan problemen voor je fixt. Ik heb een stukje van de fixes-lijst hieronder neergeplant, de complete lijst kun je hier lezen, de patch zelf krijg je door op deze link te klikken(4 meg).D3D detection works properly. removed log warnings for players ghosting out of the level fixed saving last start spot for players time message sounds play correctly if viewing another player don't allow spaces in names when using console name or setname commands suicide can now end overtime of tied game fixed stuck animation if killed while coming out of feign death no connect time on team scoreboards in single player attach decals in post begin play when zone is properly set fixed player sounds appearing to change location when using 3d sound turn fog off by default for D3D - was causing texture thrashing w/ D3D drivers fixed CTF-coret alternate path problems fixed guided warhead blowing up if no client response with 300 msec after spawning players can no longer switch to illegal team if server is full and force team balance set fixed bots not always playing take hit sounds don't kill spectators in the pressure chamber!!!