Tim Sweeney, van Epic heeft vandaag op hun website aangekondigd de UT engine naar Playstation te porten. Dit zou best een belangrijke ontwikkeling voor consoles kunnen zijn, en zeker voor de engine business.One of the great breakthroughs Sony is making with the Playstation2 is recognizing that engines and tools are becoming increasingly important as games increase in scope. Game engines are a relatively new market, informally established by id Software with the licensing of the Doom engine, and brought to the forefront by the "cold war" competition between the Quake and Unreal engines which both achieved tremendous success. Now, Playstation2 developers will have access to the same kind of engine choices and benefits through Sony's middleware program. And the Playstation2 has become a major focus for us. The Unreal Tournament engine is highly modular and that modularity has really paid off with the Playstation 2. We got a fully playable game up and running in just a few weeks, which gives us a lot of time to focus on making the rendering technology fast and easy for a licensee to use. Now, we're attacking the Playstation2 technology on two fronts.Lees de rest hier