De UT Mod Strike Force staat bekend om zijn realisme. Veel mensen preferen dit realisme van Strike Force boven andere UT Mods als Tactical Ops of Infiltration (en weer andersom natuurlijk ). De groep is zo enthousiast over de Mod dat zij die ook naar Tribes 2 zal porten zodat ook alle Tribers kunnen genieten van de Strike Force experience.Even though the game itself has not come out yet, the folks at the Xtreme Gaming mod team have decided to

create a version of their popular Unreal Tournament mod Strike Force for Dynamix's upcoming team shooter Tribes 2. The official Strike Force web site has the announcement, along with a statement by Tribes 2 producer Dave Georgeson: We here at Dynamix are extremely excited at the prospect of "Strike Force: T2" utilizing the "Tribes 2" engine to make their newest and boldest version yet. We expect some great stuff from this group that has done previous versions of their game in other game engines. The "Tribes 2" engine is very flexible, allowing indoor/outdoor combat, vehicles, infantry, and an incredibly wide assortment of weaponry. The special effects, the terrain building, the ability to fight underwater, weather and storm fronts, as well as the ability to have truly hostile terrains...all of these things should contribute to an excellent version of "Strike Force: Tribes 2," and we can't wait to see these guys tear it up."Strike Force voor Tribes 2, wie zit er op te wachten?