Eurogamer wist ons te vertellen dat de UT Mod S.W.A.T gereviewd is en dat er info is over de TC Strike Force. Ja mensen het is weer goed weer in UT Mod land

(hoewel Strike Force eigenlijk een TC is )S.W.A.T Review Intro Normally I would not do a review of a mod but I love this one so much I figured 'what the hell'. There are many mods available to Unreal Tournament and some are good, but SWAT seems to be more interesting than the rest. I'm not sure if its because of the close resemblence to Counter-Strike for Half-Life, a game which I love to play, or the great team play SWAT promotes. Either way, SWAT is a must download for those of you with Unreal Tournament. I don't want to start a flame war but I find UT to be a better game than QuakeIII Arena. There are many reasons for this and I know Q3A has better graphics but I find that UT is just more fun to play. Also UT has better bot configuration and this lends itself to better offline single player gaming. Conclusion

As I've stated before I love this mod and if you're into team play I'm sure you'll love it also. If you're a Counter-Strike for Half-Life player then get UT and download this mod because unlike CS you can play without being online. Add some hard bots and I guarentee you'll have hours of great fun! I can't wait for the next upgrade to see what new maps the developers have created for us. So lock and load your 30 round magazine and start killin'! [break]

[/break] Infiltration Deox finished up our SF grenade this week and Threaders got done skining it. So without holding you upI present the SF grenades!! Yes these things blow chuncks off players and they even come with a big smile. Expect to see them in our 1.30 release! [break] [/break] I had some requests for a full install of Strike Force. I put it together today and you can grab it here. The install includes all code, textures, maps, etc. I also included our new starter in the build, this makes it so you don't have to switch from SF and UT and we use our own ini files. So Strike Force no longer will cause any problems with UT whatsoever. I also included a server bat so anyone can setup a SF server with a simple click. I'll be posting a patch as well as a zip (MAC users) tomorrow. Special thanks goes out to Eric "Rojazz" Rojas for his help making the new Strike Force icon for me. I am no artists and he did it on VERY short notice. UT S.W.A.T review Infiltration News