Altijd al gedacht dat je de Jan des Bouvrie van het map maken bent ? Mooi, je kan nu je skills tonen door een map te maken voor het Planetunreal map contest.

Oja één maar, je mag maar 5 !!! cubes gebruiken, nu ben ik niet zo thuis met UnrealEd, maar 5 zal wel niet veel zijn Ever wanted to make a map for a game? PlanetUnreal is giving you the chance to do it for a contest, but there's a little twist: you can only use five cubes.

Impossible? Nope. Difficult? Perhaps. Already, big names in professional level design have been entering their submissions, including Epic Game's Cliffy B and Warren Marshall as well as Legend Entertainment's Scott Dalton. The cream of the community crop has also entered their submissions.

Hundreds of maps have already been entered into the contest. PlanetUnreal's QAPete describes the concept of making a map with only five cubes as "a real map making challenge, once you get into it."

So if you've got some map making skills for Unreal Tournament, why not give the contest a try? And keep an eye on PlanetUnreal for the winners to be announced! Beter dat ze al die maps op een FTP zetten .