Al eerder berichtte we dat UT op de TV zou komen, met skins van celebrities. Helaas zal er niet op celebrities worden geschoten , maar op de spelers zelf . Er zal een competitie op TV worden gehouden...waar je zoals meestal, jawel PRIJZEN kan winnen. UT2000, laat de gekte maar los barstenRiley says the prime time game show will be based inside Unreal Tournament with players competing for a grand end-of-season prize. Players will be scanned into the game, and will play specially created maps. The maps will feature extra cameras, so viewers can enjoy the action. Also, the maps will be bigger and lighter than many of the popular games played online. One change will be weapons – futuristic weapons like the pulse cannon will be in the game, but sniping rifles are out. "You have to be very careful as a producer you have to tread a very fine line between what is acceptable to the viewing public in taste and decency, but also keeping the credibility of the game play," explained Riley. "We'll take out things that look like hand guns and sniper rifles. But a plasma rifle is okay – it's what you see on Star Wars or Star Trek." He added, "What I'm trying to do is use the games themselves to try and turn games into a mainstream entertainment." Celebrities may also be invited onto the show. It screens on BBC2 this fall. Whether the idea will come over to the U.S. remains to be seen. Colin Campbell Leve de TV moraal . Net of het spel onfatsoenlijk en niet geschikt zou zijn voor bepaalde groepen. Wie krijgt er nu geen grijns op z'n gezicht bij een HEADSHOT >