Elk jaar wordt het frag5 toernooi gehouden waar 100.000 dollar te verdienen valt. Normaal werd er dan een "potje" gequaked. De organisatie heeft nu besloten om volgend jaar UT te spelen ipv Q3. Er worden een aantal van de beste gamers geinterviewd en gevraagd wat zij ervan vinden. (zou toch wel eens een demootje van die gasten willen zien )After the announcement that the CPL will be using Unreal Tournament for next years $100,000 Frag5 event we decided it was about time for another installment of '20 Gamers'. For those of you who never visited True Gamers this is a feature where we ask 20 or so wellknown gamers about their opinion on some subject that's currently being discussed in the esports community. As always don't forget to add your own two cents regarding the issue at hand in the comments section. What is your opinion on the recent announcement that the CPL will be using Unreal Tournament for next years $100,000 Frag5 event? Makaveli: Well I think it's great and everything that they are expanding what games are played. As long as it doesn't take away from the community that helped make a lot of this happen. I think there is plenty of room for UT players and Q3 players to all play professionally. JMaster: I think its fine, they deserve to have a little fun too. Its definetly something I won't be going to though. It will be interesting to see if the CPL can get the same turn out of UT players as it can Q3 players. DOOMer: Personally I think its a bad idea since I dont like that game at all but then again its probably just fair that they use different games to reach a broader "audience". A bad thing tho is that UT doesnt have any "Star Players" that have been around since the beginning of pro gaming like Quake does so I´d say its better to go with the game that is popular and has an interesting community. Sector: Well, I think that UT is a fun game. But I think the level of competition in Quake 3 is 10x better than that of UT. I could imagine myself going to a Team Counter Strike tournament before I went to a UT Tournament. In my opinion its just not a good game for tournament play. Wow....gelukkig geen "dit sucked, dat sucked en ik word gesucked " Maar argumenten. Dat is natuurlijk altijd welkom in een discussie . De rest van de gamers worden hier gehoord.