Blues news wist ons te verblijden met het nieuws dat er weer een Bonus Pack aankomt. Ook op Planetunreal stond dit bericht. Op Shugashack staan er wat screenies. En nu maar afwachten wanneer we hem kunnen downloaden Epic's Cliff Bleszinski sent along word that they will be releasing another free levels pack, featuring six levels by designer Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino. There are screenshots of the levels available on shugaShack, and here is the announcement from CliffyB: Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino, Epic level designer who created the legendary "CTF-Facing Worlds" as well as other great UT maps, had some fantastic arenas that did not make it in time to ship with Unreal Tournament. So, we're going to release these as another free gift to the Unreal Tournament community! Attached you'll find seven shots of the six maps that are in this upcoming pack. Three are Capture the Flag maps, three are deathmatch maps. Included is the long-awaited follow up to Facing Worlds, Facing Worlds 2. You know you want this! Look for the "Inoxx Pack" soon on a server near you! Blue's News