Voor alle mensen die nog nooit van UT gehoord hebben of met smart wachten op de Game Of The Year edition is er een filmpje. Het laat een aantal Mods in actie zien en wat maps.

You wanted it, we got (you did want it, didn't ya?). Infogrames gave us a killer Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year movie which shows off the new mods, maps and more! I updated the UT: GOTY gallery with the movie, which comes in at 27.5 mb, zipped. For the size, it's pretty damned long (1:55 runtime).

The three new mods in Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year are enhanced versions of the previously released mods. Including: Tactical Ops, Rocket Arena and Chaos UT. Tactical Ops is set in real world military surroundings focusing on tactical team-based combat. Players can join either the Special Forces or the

Terrorists to defeat one another through strategic objective-based combat. (Hey, that sounds like Counter-Strike!) Rocket Arena allows for one-on-one combat in a small arena with no place to hide. Players descend into the arena with full armor, weapons and health. Spectators wait in line to challenge the winner of the match and can watch the one-on-one battles from a variety of views including through the opponent's eyes or overhead. Rocket Arena's based on the famous game mods developed by David Wright for id Software's Quake. Chaos UT offers a new unique twist on UT deathmatch play. This mod is a free-for-all fragfest with four new Chaos UT-specific maps and plenty of unique and extraordinary weaponry such as crossbows or auto-turrets that hunt down enemy players. Zo nu eerst mijn pizza in de oven gooien

Zijn er eigenlijk misschien mensen die UT al hebben en toch de GOTY editie gaan kopen ?

UT the movie.