Laatst hebben ze bij de City of Games (hmm benieuwd waar dat zou liggen ) al een DM guide uitgebracht, nu doen ze het voor CTF. Het is niet echt uitgebreid, maar misschien kan je er wat van leren.First off, we have the players that will protect the flag. These are the guys, who have great camping skills, along with great Translocator skills, and of course they know how and when to use the weapons Now of course there are also those players that will protect the flag, looking right down at their flag, so once a player is approaching the flag, they are their to defend it. Then there are those, that are actually away from their flag, standing in a area, where they will eventually see the enemy, as they are coming from their base to get your flag. It is a good idea to bind a key to "Incoming" to let your other teammates that are closer to your base know, so they can be ready for the enemy.De rest van de Guide staat hier