PC paradox heeft een stukje geschreven genaamd UT is better than Q3A waar ze weer een zinloze discussie over welk spel beter is willen uitlokken. Hier hun onderbouwing (nogal zwak):Face it folks, you're hooked on Quake. Not because the series is good, but simply because it's all you've known since the evolution and birth of the First person shooter. You were either brought up on Castle Wolfenstein, Doom or Quake. Either way, ID software has been feeding your habit for years. In their defense, all First person shooters are generally the same game with enhancements. Some of the newer ones, such as UT, try to give you something different, something un-ID. I had one reader send me an E-mail exclaiming that the levels in UT were too nice to play in. This fits nicely into the point I'm making here. He's used to playing Quake levels, so of course anything else seems odd.