Dat er nog steeds mensen dol op UT Assault zijn bewijzen de makers van het nieuwe Assault Bonus Pack. Met veel liefde hebben ze dit pakje gevuld met 3 nieuwe en 4 aangepaste maps. Verder zit er nog een mutator in die bepaalde problemen fixed die er waren.

18,7MB en op=op Advice for Players: After installing the Assault Bonus Pack, start up UT, go to Options - Preferences - Controls. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you'll notice the bonus pack hotkeys, you should bind the first four functions to keys, the others are only useful for administrators. Still, if you like to play Single Player, some of them could prove helpful. Especially Stop Countdown is great while trying to practice a map. Now go to Mod - AsaultBonuspack417. Set it up the way you like it, and if you don't yet know what to do, leave it as it is. Since your next step is probably trying the new Assault maps, let's configure it as a newbie game, simply click on Team Cannon Disabled and Fort Standard Displayed to activate both features.Linkje om te downloaden.