Laatst kon je al lezen dat Jedi Knight III in de maak is, maar nu is het ook bevestigd door Kenn Hoekstra van Raven Software. Tevens zijn er al verschillende threads op het LucasForum verschenen waarin mensen van Raven Soft aangeven dat er een nieuwe multiplayer mode in het spel zal verschijnen. Het zal gaan om een "objective based game" die vergeleken kan worden met Unreal Tournament's Assault mode. Op de fansites Jedi en RavenGames kun je meer info en stukjes forumtekst van Raven Soft over Jedi Knight III terugvinden.Okay, well, first off, if I'm going to answer any of the questions, I guess I need to admit that we are, indeed, making this game (should be pretty obvious by now, so no-one should get mad at me for admitting as much). No, it's not a hoax/joke/rumor, no, it's not an expansion pack, it is a full, complete, stand-alone game. And it's called Jedi Knight III right now for lack of a better name, I, personally, would not call it a "sequel" to JK2 since I think a DF/JK game should always be about the Katarns (maybe a true JK3 could be about Kyle and Jan's child, who perhaps shows a particularly strong adeptness with the Force...?) So I wouldn't be surprised if the name doesn't stay "Jedi Knight III" (but who knows). Not that it's not a full game, it's bigger than JK2 in terms of gameplay, content and features, it's just not, in my opinion, the true sequel to JK2. I think that one shouldn't be done for a year or so and should probably use a new engine.