Er wordt maar gesleuteld en gesleuteld aan UT. De mensen bij Epic hebben het er maar druk mee. In de 4.33 patch zullen er vooral bug fixes zijn, voor zowel UT zelf als de Unreal Editor.Epic Games continues developing and refining our favorite game, internally testing a 433 patch. Here's the poop:

- fixed joystick button handling code (thanks Chris Carollo).

- hack fix for bad playerstart in CTF-Coret.

- fixed crash for servers with more than 255 characters worth of server packages.

- Server now report to clients whether or not they are password protected.

- In the editor, the "TextureLock" option should work 100% now.

- Fixed the editor crash that some people were getting when docking a browser and getting a crash when trying to restart the editor.

- Rewrote "UEditorEngine::polySelectMatchingBrush" because SHIFT+B was crashing at random times in the editor. Should be stable now.

- Brush clipping was merging faces on the resulting brush in the editor.

- May have fixed the random "WinMain/message pump" crash in the editor.

Again, this is an internal test release only, not available for download. We post this simply to let you know some of the issues Epic is working on resolving, and whatever new features you might be able to look forward to in the next official release.

To be continued...