De laatste tijd volgen de patches voor UT elkaar in rap tempo op en 429 wordt dan ook snel verwacht. wist een lijstje te pakken te krijgen met wat er (hopelijk ) gefixt gaat worden in de volgende update.- faster server browser initial pinging of servers. Added a new default property to [UBrowserServerPing], MaxSimBroadbandPing, which defines the max number of servers to simultaneously ping if your netspeed > 6000.

- team scoreboard holds more players (no more names dropping off the bottom for 32 player games).

- faster server ping response for servers with mutators.

- admins lose cheats and die when they log out as admins.

- fixed bug causing player team choice to be overriden (also cause maxteamsize not to work when 2)

- fixed thrown weapons sinking into ground in net play

- fixed listen server crashing with too many serverpackages

- fixed server still sending data on disconnect

- fixed server not allowing custom skins because of skin cheat fix

- servers are now prioritized by version on the master server

- improved map decompression time.

- slight improvement to server CPU utilization.

Vooral het 3e puntje is nuttig omdat mutators zoals Excessive Overkill: UT nogal veel bandbreedte gebruiken.