Een aantal weken geleden kon je lezen dat het Amerikaanse leger gebruik gaat maken van Operation Flashpoint. Homelan was benieuwd naar de veranderingen die OFP zal ondergaan om het geschikt te maken voor de Amerikaanse mariniers. Coalescent Technologies Corporation zal de aanpassing doen die bestaat uit nieuwe models en technieken. Helaas zal de "Mod" niet voor het publiek uitkomen op een aantal nieuwe voertuigen na.HomeLAN - So far what has the response been from the Marines who have used the program?

Michael Woodman - Very positive. Some examples:

“The controls were easy to remember, the graphics were exceptional and it simulated everything you could do in combat. Overall I was quite impressed…”

“We didn’t learn on our first try, but learned from our mistakes and then successfully completed the mission.”

“I think this system would be great on ship. It would turn a lot of dead time into something constructive.”

“I was able to think as a rifleman and use fire team skills.”

“It seems like it would be very useful because it keeps a Marine thinking about different situations and scenarios. It is also fun to use which keeps our interest and attention.”

“It made me think a lot as if I was in a real situation.” Wat voor lekkers de USMC variant zal bevatten kan je hier lezen.