Met alle verkiezingsgekte die momenteel nog in de VS heerst over wie de nieuwe President gaat worden, had men bij Gamecenter het aardige idee om de gamekandidaten a la DukeNukem en Diablo hun eigen verkiezingen te laten houden.

Dus wie gaat de nieuwe 'President of gaming' worden?By all accounts, this Presidential election has been pretty boring, with both George W. "I Love Big Oil" Bush and Al "Hug a Tree" Gore unable to get the voting public excited. Maybe it's because the economy is humming right along; maybe it's because people are sick of big-money politics that never really accomplish anything; or maybe people don't care because there isn't a crazy person like Ross Perot spouting off at the mouth about Republicans impregnating his daughter (now that's entertainment!).

Regardless of the reasons, voting is extremely important (and we encourage everyone to vote), so we've taken it upon ourselves to add some spice to the proceedings. After all, the Constitution clearly states that in the event of a boring election, the editors of Gamecenter are responsible for jazzing things up. And to that end we've assembled a field of candidates that would clearly give Al and George a run for their money. Dat wordt dus geen DukeNukem4Ever, maar DukeNukem4President.