Oswald stuurde me een mailtje dat ze weer wat nieuwe facts bekend hebben gemaakt van de tweede beta die binnenkort gaat verschijnen. Dit keer screens van een nieuw level dat is gemaakt door Silicon Ice Development. Het werk dat we hier te zien krijgen is ook zodanig indrukwekkend dat we het je niet wilden onthouden.Silicon Ice Development is back with more news and some IMPRESSIVE screenshots of two new levels for Urban Terror Beta 2. The first level is one of the most highly anticipated levels created by WetWired called

ut_revolution, which is a trainyard, that opens into a nuclear missile silo which was built into the side of a mountain. Had a chance to check this level out, and I know this will be one of the best levels for any realism

mod. Next comes a level called Docks, which was originally released with Beta 1 by BattleCow. For Beta 2, the level has had all new textures used, along with some modification to the layout to improve the flow of the game.

We also have some news based on Robert Duffy's .plan file as it relates to our development, as we dont anticipate any delay. Still no date for an official release, as we continue to work on Beta 2.


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Silicon Ice Development

Urban Terror - www.urbanterror.net

Aan deze screens zou Soldier Of Fortune 2 misschien nog wel een puntje kunnen zuigen. Urban Terror begint er met de dag beter uit te zien.