KarlMarX weet ons te melden dat de update (1.08.872) voor Settlers4 is verschenen. Deze patch moet nogal wat bugs fixen waaronder de vele crashes die veel spelers te verduren kregen.

Naast deze fixes zijn er natuurlijk ook de nodige extra's om iedereen weer gunstig te stemmen.

Of Bluebyte er zijn hobby van heeft gemaakt is voor mij de vraag, maar ook Settlers 3 zat vol met fouten toen deze werd gereleased. Misschien is het tijd voor een beter BETA-team?Look, Sound and Gameplay

New Feature: Multiplayermaps are now playable in Singleplayer mode for training.

Ships, Donkeys and Carts return to their starting position after they dropped the goods.

Thieves drop their goods now when they are changed back to carriers.

Geologists will not continue to spam you with their messages until they find a new resource type.

The for some players annoying sound with the "Waiting for player..." message has been changed.

After Loading an old game the statistics about free settlers are now correct.

Harbors and shipyards are now destroyed if a guarding tower is captured by an enemy.

Better performance on Muliplayer- and Networkgames

New Feature: Trading - Check the new options on harbors and market places!

You can set the amount of players which should take part on a multiplayer map.

In In-Game chat messages now contain the name and the teamnumber of the sending player.

Load and Save of multiplayergames is now working correct via LAN and BBGC on the internet.

Ready-Button: Multiplayergames do only start when all players have loaded the map and all settings are synchronized.

At the end of a game also the loser will see the complete map without fog of war.

The starting resources in multiplayergames have been increased. You now have more shovels and hammer.

Multiplayergames are more stable now. Even with slow modem connections you should experience a better gameflow.

GUI and game handling

New mouse cursors. With graphical integrated arrows it should be much easier now to use the different mouse cursors.

New color schema for the minimap:

White: all own units which are selectable

Yellow: allied units

Red: enemy units

Blue: Buildings and civil units

You can now unload carts even if a target place many units.

Easier way to load and unload ships.

If you select a bunch of ships you will see now in the ferry context menu all loaded units - including priests.

In one group you can now combine a maximum of 100 units (like known from Settlers III).

Optimized Balancing

Computer opponent: The AI algorithms have been optimized, so the computer will now try to reconquer lost towers.

Bowmen in towers do a little less damage than before.

Now all military buildings can be attacked by 2 soldiers against the defending one.

The fisherman now has a smaller working area but will work in the complete area not only on a center point.

The forester now plants tree tighter.

Building places are now delivered with the building resources earlier.

All eyecatchers need gold to build up.

All used resources in eyecatchers now count three times the normal buildings. The used gold even six times.

The food "Fish" is now by default delivered 100% to gold mines.

The armor of doors has been increased. It's now more difficult to destroy towers.

Small temples are cheaper and use no gold.

Large temples are cheaper and add 8 mana points to your mana.

One unit of alcohol now converts to 2 mana points for all races.

Grain Mills and Bakeries are now working somewhat slower.

Zoals je ziet, veel nieuw speelplezier en eindelijk de mogelijkheid om de campaigns uit te spelen zonder de beruchte freezes.