Raven Software alle MAXFiles voor SoF vrijgegeven. Intotaal is het 2.5 Gb (ja, dat staat er goed) aan uitgepakte data.Here is the entire set of maxfiles used for SOF. They are a total of 2.7GB, yes GB unzipped. We broke it up into 4 zips, since the meso in particular is v.huge and some people might not need him. http://sof.ravensoft.com/download/ghoul.zip 81MB, this is all files except the characters. http://sof.ravensoft.com/download/female.zip 50MB, female character. http://sof.ravensoft.com/download/ecto.zip 40MB, skinny male character (hostages ect). http://sof.ravensoft.com/download/meso.zip 422MB!, large male character. Veel plezier met downloaden zou ik zeggen UPDATE

De files zijn teruggetrokken omdat er belangerijke bestanden zouden ontbreken en omdat de internetservice van Raven op dit moment niet goed zou zijn. Quote:

Ok, we are adding a few important things to the files that I overlooked, and actually it is just as well....Ravens internet service is seriously screwed today and that is where the 4.5K/sec comes from. Soon the updated files will be available and out internet service will be working normally. Sorry for the offering the files and retracting them, it is all my fault for leaving some important files out. I don't think the internet service problem is my fault but I'll appologize for that anyway -Gil