De officiele pagina van Origin's Ultima Worlds Online: Origin is geupdate met wat commentaar van Executive Producer Jeffrey Anderson. Hier is een stukkie:What then remains is how we generate the tension in the game. Identities and worlds are necessary corporeal prerequisites whereas the source of tension is the true heart of design. For Origin, the plot is built around a simple storyline which eddies and flows into many deep subtleties. At its core is a violent clash between Ultima's classic Virtues and Dread. With a long history and rich pedigree, the Virtues extol the intrinsic value of such princi-ples as Truth, Love, and Courage. Counterbalanced against them all is Dread, a system of anti-Virtues. Dread is that menacing side of the human existence that begets malevo-lence. Unfortunately, the exact details of these powerful forces (and many others like Magic and Technology) are a completely different letter altogether! Je kan hier verder lezen.