Zelf ben ik geen Ultima Online speler, maar als ik zie wat er plaats zal vinden in de aankomende conventie, heb ik twee problemen. 1.Ik ken/speel het spel niet en 2.de conventie is in Amerika. Twee problemen die voor echte diehards geen probleem mogen zijn

Het is eigenlijk één grote real life meeting On Nov. 10-11, Origin Systems will host the first Ultima

Online player convention, World Faire 2000, at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. The event will

feature more than 50 panels, workshops and roundtable

discussions on an array of topics ranging from player

towns and political systems to fishing and treasure

hunting, game balance, weapons, guilds, blacksmithing

and dungeons. The event will be held in conjunction with

the Port Austin: Plug in to the Future of Broadband event, taking place at the same time in the Convention Center.

Members of the Ultima Online development team will lead many of the discussions, while players will host other panels. Attendees will also be able to purchase UO merchandise, participate in tournaments and demos, and view medieval weaponry exhibitions, a fantasy art show and a charity auction. UO players who participate in their own musical bands will be invited to perform.

Additionally, happy hour parties will be held each night, one of which will include an unveiling of new plans for Ultima Online.

"This is really a celebration of Ultima Online players," said Gordon Walton,Origin Systems vice president of online services. "In nearly three years, the world of UO

has grown to more than 200,000 around the globe. Now many of them will get a chance to interact directly with the people who developed the virtual world they live in. Even better, they'll now be able to meet face to face with friends they've made in UO."

Players can register for World Faire 2000 online here. Discounts are available for those who register early. Wie het eerst komt, krijgt korting

UO Conventie registratie