Altijd al willen zien hoe Unreal Tournament op de PS2 er uit (gaat) zien? Gamefan heeft een filmpje ervan. Je kunt deze hier downloaden. 15.6MB .mpg (01:06min)PC Unreal Tournament players are going to scoff at the PS2 version, simply because it uses the dual analog control scheme; this lack of precision will make it darn near impossible to hit the broad side of a barn with your ASMD shock rifle or sniper rifle. However, Epic's cooking this one up for local multi-player games between multiple PlayStation 2 systems and multiple television sets, which will completely eliminate the old, long since antiquated "split-screen" mode of console first-person shooters, giving players a screen of their own to look at...and a little privacy, to boot! Fans of N64 shooters like GoldenEye or Turok will come to grips with the Unreal PS2 control scheme pretty quickly, because it uses both dual analog sticks, one for movement and one for "mouselook" aim.