Er is een nieuwe map manager voor UT gereleased, versie 1.1. Ook is de 'known bugs' page geupdate en op UT world kan je een nieuwe FAQ vinden voor de level editor, UnrealEd.PU posted word that a new version of the Unreal Tournament Map Manager has been released, bringing this gem up to version 1.1. This new version now includes support for PKZip, has increased security, and a few of the bugs have been smacked around like a red headed step child. The UT Map Manager is a program that allows you to retrieve maps downloaded from game servers, as well as install/uninstall maps from zips and umods. The Unreal Tournament known bugs page has been updated with the following (thanks Blue): Download our latest d3ddrv.dll direct3d interface code which solves compatibility issues with several cards and improves performance. Users of S3 Savage 4 chipset and Viper II/Savage2000 cards should try using the latest S3 MeTaL drivers specific to their card to obtain the best performance. New-and-improved Metal .dlls which are fully compatible with UT 405b (install the UT 405b patch first) are available from S3's support site. Finally, UT World has just released a new FAQ for the Unreal Tournament Editor, UnrealEd.Voor meer informatie, ga naar planet unreal