Digital Extremes heeft net hun Map Pack voor Unreal Tournament op het net geplant. In het pakketje bevinden zich 2 nieuwe Capture the Flag maps. Ook is er een 3dsMax 3.0 model exporting tool uitgebracht om je eigen character te bouwen. Today Digital Extremes released two great new CTF maps. Dave Ewing, who created Unreal Tournament's AS-Overlord, DM-Morpheus and others has contributed a map as has Pancho Eekels who UT's CTF-LavaGiant, DM-Hyperblast, AS-HighSpeed and more. You can obtain the maps directly from DE's web site, or download the maps from Unreal Universe. DE warns that their web site, just launched today, might be a little overloaded right now so downloading from other sites might be faster. Check the other Unreal and Unreal Tournament fan sites for additional download mirrors. In addition to the two maps DE has released a tool that allows model makers to export models from 3D Studio Max to an Unreal Engine-readable format. Here is the information from DE's site regarding the tool... With the new site comes a few goodies for Christmas for the Unreal: Tournament community. We have a nice little 3dsMax 3.0 model exporting tool created by our 3d programmer Steve Sinclair. Instructions are included with the download. Congratulations to DE on the launch of their new web site and the release of the goodies.