hier hebben jullie wat cheats To enable cheat codes, enter the console (press tilde), then type "iamtheone" and press ENTER. You may now enter any of the following codes by pressing TAB and typing the desired phrase. ALLAMMO, gives you 999 ammo for all your guns. FLY, lets you fly around. WALK, use this to stop flying or GHOSTING. GHOST. Noclip through walls. KILLALL enemy: Kills all enemies of the class entered (nali, skaarjwarrior, mercenary, etc.) PLAYERSONLY, freezes time. Press again to resume time passage. GOD: God mode. OPEN MAPNAME: Jump to any map, just enter the name like OPEN DIG. SUMMON itemname: Adds whatever you want to the world. Some stuff you can add: SUMMON CANNON SUMMON EIGHTBALL SUMMON FLAKCANNON SUMMON NALI SUMMON SKAARJWARRIOR SUMMON QUAD SHOT BEHINDVIEW 1: Third-person view BEHINDVIEW 0: First-person view Suc6