Nog een paar dagen en dan is het zover, de release van Unreal Tournament 2004. Meer dan 100 levels, verschillende gametypes, voertuigen en talloze wapens, UT2004 bevat alles wat een first person liefhebber kan wensen. Om alvast in de stemming te komen verschijnen er overal screenshots en filmpjes, die we jullie niet wilden onthouden:

Models en levels bekeken Filmpje van twee vechtende Leviathans Drie high-res screenshots Twee high-res screenshots (1600x1200) Filmpjes van Atari vs. IGN Stripverhaaltje over UT2004New Technology

Unreal Tournament not only brings new content for hardcore fans to relish, it also delivers a tremendous technology update over its predecessor, delivering a faster, slicker, deeper experience than ever before. New technological features include:

Voice-over IP support - command and coordinate. Give orders, rally your troops or talk smack with the enemy.

Voice recognition - give orders to bots; no more typing when you should be fighting!

Completely redesigned menus, including a new server browser with right-click menus and many brand-new configurable features.

Improved AI: vehicle control, advanced dodging and wall-dodging, improved aim, better team coordination.

Deeper single player mode with comprehensive team management options, challenge matches, multiple endings and more.

Integrated map vote and match set-up for Internet play.

UnrealTV - a proxy broadcast system allowing a huge number of spectators to watch a match live over the Internet.

Pixomatic software renderer allowing incredible performance with no 3D card required. Play UT2004 on your laptop!

A re-designed HUD, improved weapon effects (bullet decals, incredible explosions), improved first person weapon rendering and innumerable improvements for mod authors, new announcer voices, rendering optimizations...the list goes on!

Met dank aan Jorge Lopes en 7eVeN voor het melden van dit nieuws.