Fragfacility heeft een kadootje voor alle Unrealers :We proudly present our new "FragFacility Map Pack", containing the 15 best Unreal maps ever. The main aspect in selecting maps for it was gameplay and the maps should only use the standard Unreal textures not to be to big or slow. So please understand if your map has not been selected. These are the maps of the Map Pack: DMBridge, DMDeCyberbridge, DMDropzonev2, DM-Esperv2, DMFlashback, DMGroovemachine, DMLethoria, DMLohmannslair, DMRefuge, DMRolus, DMSiberia, DMStrictlydiesel, DMSunder, DMUnrealityse, DMVeltor. If you are running a server, PLEASE include these maps - They should be seen like standard maps from Epic. Download the new " FragFacility Map Pack " now and here.