Altijd al willen meewerken aan een leuk spelletje. Legend Entertainment zoekt nog wat mensen. Oja, je moet wel wat mad-coding skillz hebben. Want Unreal II zal niet door de eerste de beste worden gemaakt.Legend Entertainment's Mark Poesch has updated his .plan with word that they're looking for a new coder to join their ranks at Legend to work on Unreal II. Here's what he had to say:

And last, but not least, news for Unreal programmers looking for a chance to be part of an incredible team

developing an incredible product like Unreal II:

We looking for one or two top programmers to join us. Here's what we're looking for:

- Demonstrated UnrealScript experience (mods, mutators, weapons, special effects, custom AI, etc.) is a must.

- Interest in developing game-code: game-play scripting, AI, weapons, and everything game-play related

is a must.

- Experience in the game industry is a plus, but isn't required.

- Ability to communicate effectively and work well with a team is a must.

- Experience with C++ is a plus -- but, we will probably orient the majority of the tasks (80-90%) toward UnrealScript.

- Must be willing to relocate to Northern Virginia -- about 30 miles west of Washington D.C.

If you're interested in applying for the position, send email with your resume and/or webpage with the

subject "Resume: " to me at (Warning: I'll immediately delete resumes that don't

include the "Resume:" header -- being able to follow directions is also a requirement for the position! )

He also mentions that ex-3Drealms' coder - Chris Hargrove, has joined the Legend, which is kinda weird as Legend's previous coder Jess Crable left them to go work for 3DRealms... Geen mad-coding skillz ? kan je altijd nog solliciteren als koffie juffrouw en in de pauze ff een backup maken van een beta o.i.d.

Solliciteer NU.