Zo als goed gebruik in Gameland breng je iets uit wat je na een paar dagen mag oplappen. In dit geval Unreal Fortress. Amper uit en het verband kon alweer uit de doos gehaald worden.A patch for the just recently released Unreal Tournament modification Unreal Fortress has been released which adds a few major bug fixes and other various features. Here is a list of gameplay features which have been changed.

- Server Crash resolved

- Say/Team Say problem resolved

- Fixed adding armour value to health on flag capture

- Flag returns home if falls out of world (possible death with flag in skybox fix)

- Player On Fire less powerful and extinguishes

- Added disguise code to disguise as player on enemy team

- Removed ability to disguise whilst holding flag

- Fixed team change in network

- Saboteur identified as enemy team member instead of real person in HUD

- Other classes can no longer use saboteur disguise functions

- Emp grenades reduced to 2 for saboteur

Hier kan je hem downloaden, maar op deze FTP staat ook Patch Build 178