Iedere multiplayerfps heeft tegenwoordig wel zijn eigen Fortressvariant. Bij Unreal Tournament ontbrak het hier nog aan. Vanacht is hier eindelijk verandering in gekomen en is Unreal Fortress (mod voor UT, niet Unreal) uitgekomen. Voor de mensen die niet weten wat Unreal Fortress is een stukje uit de FAQWhat is Unreal Fortress?

Unreal Fortress (UnF) is an upcoming total conversion modification of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament. You'll be able to download it free of charge off the Internet, although you'll need a copy of Unreal Tournament to play.

How similar will the mod be to TF/C?

In addition to featuring our own ideas and those of our friends and fans, Unreal Fortress is inspired by many games and mods, including Team Fortress. However, Unreal Fortress is not a port of any existing game or mod, nor is it intended to replace or compete with them. It does, though, certainly fall in the tradition of the other fortress mods. If you like TF, TFC, or Q3F, you'll hopefully enjoy UnF. UnF looks, feels, and plays differently from them all, while still being quite reminiscent of certain aspects of them. The mod is also designed for those who've never played a fortress mod but would like a team-oriented shooter that emphasizes tactics over formless deathmatch action.

Will there be bots in the mod and how will they work, bearing in mind that the game will be class based?

The bots have been in the mod from day one and will assume the class most needed at the time of respawn. They will also be provided with the neccessary skills to compete at the level of the average human player.

De umodversie weegt 26,8 Mb en de non-umod versie is 25,8 Mb.

Hier een paar downloadlinks :

Total Reload

Fortress Public Release 1 (non-umod)

X-Treme Gaming Radio

Fortress Public Release 1 (umod) Fortress Public Release 1 (non-umod) Meer links en info is te vinden op de official homepage.