De leden van UT:Fortress hebben het maar druk, er zijn vandaag 2 interview met ze verschenen, namelijk op PowerFX en Total-Reload. Hier is een stukje uit het Total-Reload interview.Q: So far you have released images of the Saboteur and Field Medic, which look very good. What other classes do you plan to have in UF? The other planned classes are Reconnaissance Agent, Marksman, Infantryman, Explosives Expert, Heavy Artilleryman, Arsonist, and Armourer. We're also considering at least one other class, along the lines of a Navy Seal. Q: Will there be any weapons that stand out from the normal TF through Q3F weapons? Actually, we're intent on creating new and/or substantially altered weapons for all the classes. Q: Are you going to be redoing/updating any previous maps e.g. 2Fort? One of our mappers, TheMadMonk, is going to work his magic on 2Fort, using it as the basis for a map in his own unique style. Q: The bots you mention in the FAQ; will they perform special tasks? E.g. an Engineer building a sentry gun or spy changing class. Yes, they'll act in accordance with their own abilities and weaponry. Players can get the full UnF experience without going online. Q: Approximately when will the first public beta be released? We're not ready to publicly declare a timeframe right now, since we don't want to be pressured into rushing out a mod that isn't first class. Rest assured, though, we're making very substantial progress in all areas of development. Het interview van PowerFX staat hier en hier staat het interview van Total-Reload