Unreal Tournament UK heeft een interview gehouden met de bedenker van de mod Unreal Fortress. In het interview gaan ze vooral in op het ontstaan van het idee van de mod, en hoe ze zijn begonnen.UTUK: How did Unreal Fortress originate? Why another fortress mod? Azm0: I was sitting in IRC and there was a discussion surrounding Quake 3 Fortress, which had just started being developed. There was basically an argument ensuing over which was the best engine, UT or Q3. I don't think the argument has been resolved as yet, but it certainly got me thinking. I spoke in a private window to Bazerka, a fan of UT and a very outspoken and well-known person in the UK TF community. We got to talking about the possibility of a Team Fortress conversion for UT. I threw out arguments like why should we when there are already three in development for Quake 3? His answers were along the line of, forget the UK TF community and think about all the people out there that are playing UT and what they would gain from it. He insisted that there would be a large following, but it wasn't a project he could undertake himself, as at that time he was fairly new to development. I still wasn't convinced but decided to give it a go anyway. I never thought it would gain such a large following so quickly. UTUK: What led you to move from playing games to creating one? Azm0: Well I've been a developer by trade for nearly ten years now so I've always dabbled. I just thought it would be fun and on the whole it has been, although I know my wife is getting fed up with the amount of time it steals from her As we approach our first beta I can look back and say that it has been bloody hard work but rewarding at the same time.Surf hier naar toe voor de rest van het interview, en fiets daarna verder richting de officiele homepage voor nog meer informatie.