Bij de Unreal Technology page hebben ze een fix gemaakt voor de mensen die last hebben van crashes, nadat ze de 4.32 patch geinstalleerd hebben.A few people have reported a weird crash with the dockable browsers in the new UnrealEd included in the 432 patch. I believe I have a fix for that, and a few other things I noticed.

To install this, just unzip it into your system directory. Here is a quick list of what is included ...

- the "TextureLock" option should work 100% now

- fixed the crash that some people were getting when docking a browser and getting a crash when trying to restart the editor

- rewrote "UEditorEngine::polySelectMatchingBrush" because SHIFT+B was crashing at random times. Should be stable now.

- brush clipping was merging faces on the resulting brush

- may have fixed the random "WinMain/message pump" crash

The first item may raise an eyebrow or two. :) TextureLock is something I put in a while ago, but just haven't made a UI button for it. What it will do is stop the editor from resetting texture alignment on brushes that you manipulate vertices on. To access it, go into Advanced Options, open up "Editor", then "Grid", and you'll see the option there called "TextureLock". Change that to TRUE and restart the editor. It should work for you now.

I'm 99% sure that I've fixed it, but if you still get the crash related to docking browsers, please email a copy of your "editor.log" file to patch is (maar) 1,07 Mb en deze kun je hier downloaden...