Atari heeft laten weten dat de langverwachte update voor Digital Extremes' Xbox shooter Unreal Championship via de Xbox Live online service beschikbaar is. Deze update bevat voornamelijk bug en cheat fixes, maar binnenkort zouden ook nieuwe models, levels e.d. beschikbaar moeten worden.The Auto-update for Unreal Championship addresses the following:

1) The T.A.G. Rifle exploit.

2) The Rocket Launcher exploit.

3) All known map exploits.

4) The auto-aim exploit.

5) The novice bot, stats exploit.

6) The message: "No AA" now denotes a server that has auto-aim disabled.

7) The 'ghost-flag' exploit, in CTF matches.

8) Joining full servers: UC now checks if there is room in the game... before loading the map.

9) Resolved an occasional crash when joining a friend's match.

10) Resolved issues with Max Players & Private Slots.

11) Players will now receive 1-point of damage when impeding lifts.

12) The translocator disc will return to the gun, if it impedes a lift.

13) Players can no longer utilize the translocator, to pass through world geometry.

14) Anti-aliasing is now disabled by default. To enable it, depress both thumbsticks simultaneously during the initial UC intro video sequence.

15) Team-balancing fixed. The message "Teams Unbalanced", will show up briefly during an existing match, if the teams become unbalanced. De update is voor iedereen het Unreal Championship wil spelen verplicht. Zodra je Xbox Live! betreedt om Unreal Championship online te spelen zal de update dan ook worden binnengehaald. De eerste reacties op de update zijn echter zeer positief, zoals je op het Atari forum kunt lezen.