De 1e beta van de gedeelte conversie van UT naar Q3 is vrijgegeven. De mod heet nu onder de naam Unreal Arena en het doel van deze versie is voornamelijk het testen van de maps. De muziek van de mod is apart te downloaden, dit omdat niet iedereen even 40 Mb naar binnen trekt.Beta v0.4 of our UT to Q3 partial conversion mod is now available. It's official name is Unreal Arena. This is a public beta release for everyone to help test the mod through out it's development. Mainly this beta v0.4 is to test a few of the maps, and several of the weapons we've included, and to generate some feedback and squash any bugs that have been overlooked on our part. This is an early test version, and does not reflect on how the actual final release will be. We're only going to make improvements in the design. A quick note also, we are not converting the whole game.

We're making the mod available with no music, but with an optional .pk3 file containing the .wav music files for each of the maps. This way we won't be forcing people that don't want the music to have to d/l it. This is temporary for now as we're looking into doing the .mp3 thing for the mod.

Also my apologies upfront for the large d/l of the maps music. Converting .umx to .wav files makes for a huge increase in size. But sound quality is much better.

Unreal Arena weegt 10 Mb en de muziek nog eens 40 Mb.