De nieuwe engine die momenteel wordt ontwikkeld door Epic, zal _GEEN_ ondersteuning bieden voor Glide en openGL. Het blijkt dat microsoft hier een aardige vinger bij in de pap hebben:Chalk up another surprise to E3 2000...Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart informed us yesterday (during a demonstration of the new Unreal-engine features) that the next iteration of the Unreal engine (which will be used for Epic's next title as well as Unreal 2) will be dropping OpenGL and Glide support entirely in favor of Direct3D (one of the reasons for this is the fact that they have direct input to Microsoft as to the development of the API). A major side effect of this is that any future ports of Unreal-engine titles that use the new technology will need to have a completely rewritten rendering system, making Mac and Linux ports significantly more difficult. This also signifies a major switch for Epic, as they move away from the Mac and Linux ports, and embrace console systems more directly, with their Playstation 2 port of Unreal Tournament, and a port planned for the X-Box as well. Er gaat een hoop veranderen in de game industrie. Zeker als ook andere game-makers besluiten zich puur op Direct3d te richten..