Take 2 Interactive heeft wat features en screenshots van hun nieuwe spel Unification naar buiten gebracht:[bullet]A third person supernatural horror seamlessly combining action and absorbing adventure [bullet]Sophisticated and varied enemy Artificial Intelligence [bullet]Complex layered plot line [bullet]Unique non-linear gameplay ensuring addictive replayability [bullet]Well defined goals and rewards [bullet]Action and suspense areas in gameplay when dealing with alien organisms [bullet]Full, selective control of three characters with specific skills directed toward co-operation, attack and defence [bullet]Game designed script and dialogue written by acclaimed science fiction writer Stephen Marley [bullet]A unique graphical look clearly removed from the hackneyed view of futuristic décor [bullet]Explore diverse locations ranging from Vita base to the Martian surface and deep beneath Mars itself [bullet]Dark, atmospheric, interactive music score [bullet]Over 40 hours of intriguing gameplay [bullet]Dual Shock compatible [bullet]EAX and true 3D surround sound Shots: