Clive Barker en zijn team zijn bezig aan een game die het thema horror centraal heeft staan. De game, lopend op de Unreal engine, wordt een first person shooter in hart en nieren, GameSpot heeft er een 1.8 MB grote movie van.The first stab at bringing the world of Undying to life came in the form of an imposing bald-headed hero, Count Magnus Wolfram, a master of the occult who travels to Ireland in the 1920s to rid a haunted manor of its supernatural inhabitants. The tale had all the makings of a gothic fable, complete with four dead siblings trying to come back and claim their only surviving brother.

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"What we really wanted to do was build a game that was Resident Evil meets Half-Life," says Siefert. While mentioning two of the biggest action games of the '90s in one breath is always a surefire way to elicit excitement, the team thought it was on the right track to building a hit because this time it was using the stable Unreal engine and concentrating on the content instead of the technology. De door Dreamworks Interactive ontwikkelde game wordt als alles volgens plan verloopt gereleased in de Juni maand van dit jaar.