Undying is een van de nieuwste shooters gebaseerd op de UTengine en GameSpy plaatste een nieuw deel van hun Developer Diary online. In dit zesde deel staat een interview met Clive Barker in het middelpunt. Hij is oa verantwoordelijk voor het geluid in Undying.What I am doing is making sure that the scripts and dialogue are reflecting the ideas and intentions that Clive wants, while working closely with Dell Siefert (lead designer) and the level designers to make sure it makes sense in the grand scheme of design. With the score, both Brady (Bell - producer) and myself work closely with Bill Brown to make sure he's got all the inspiration and information he needs for scoring purposes, and it's not hard for him to build off that. On top of that I work closely with Erik Kraber, our resident sound designer and his partner-in-crime Jack "Burton" Grillo in a sound supervisor category. Because they're also working on other projects, I have to maintain and supervise their work schedules so that they're able to get in, do the great sounds we need for the game, and get them back out to work on other projects within the company that need sounds.Onsterfelijk? Och...de een is onsterfelijk, de ander duurt eeuwig. Laten we nu eerst maar eens wat games zien.