Ultima Worlds Online, de opvolger van de multiplayer Ultima Online komt er aan, tijd voor Gamespy dus om een Q & A online te zetten met een van de makers: Damion "Ubiq" Schubert. Het spel, natuurlijk gebaseerd op de vele ultima spellen, zal deze keer in 3D komen, ipv van schuin boven.GameSpy: How much bigger is the world in ORIGIN compared to Britannia?

Schubert: It would be premature to say at this time, but we're pretty huge. I think we did some tests at one point and discovered it takes three times as long to run from Britain to Yew as it did in the ORIGINal Ultima Online. An exact measurement is pretty difficult, since of course our geography is very different, and since we have three huge continents instead of one.

GameSpy: An issue with the first Ultima Online was that it wasn't very accessible for the beginning RPG player; it was geared more toward the hardcore fan. Is this going to change with ORIGIN? What steps are you taking to help make the introduction of online gameplay easier to the beginning player?

Schubert: We're putting an enormous amount of focus on ensuring that the game is as easy to learn and get into as possible. The primary focus for us is ensuring that the interface is simple to grasp. Dat worden weer verslavende tijden (voor mensen met een kabelmodem dan ).